Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ovenbird...Migrating Through Georgia!

Georgia is experiencing a drought, one of the worst we have ever had.  The birds, in particular, are noticeable to us in their search for water.  The small trays of water that we have out on our tiny patio must be advertised on the bird highway as the cleanest, most perfect water for miles around!
We saw a bird yesterday drinking water that we have never seen before. We believe that it was an ovenbird. (It is called this because the bird nests on the ground, in a nest that looks guessed it, an oven!)

You can look back on an earlier post and see that it somewhat resembles the state bird of Georgia, the Brown Thrasher...but the ovenbird is much smaller and the brown thrasher is more of a chestnut brown, and the eyes of the brown thrasher are not as rounded and the beak on the brown thrasher is longer. (I really do know the Brown Thrasher!)
Now, there is also a wood looks similar but it is...well, it is the wood thrush, look it up! We heard it singing when we were walking on the trail at Stone Mountain one time, and the song of that bird was outstandingly beautiful.
Don't believe me?  Listen, this is Henry David Thoreau had to say about the song of the wood thrush...

Whenever a man hears it he is young, and Nature is in her spring; wherever he hears it, it is a new world and a free country, and the gates of Heaven are not shut against him.

May I just say...if you don't have close access to birds. these birds might look all the same to you, just brown birds.  However, if you look at them closely and if you are lucky enough to observe them from just a few feet away, you will see that the color of brown is strikingly beautiful and the streaky pattern on the feathers is as distinctive as the stripes on a tiger! Ah, there I go again, showing my love for birds!  These creatures are free for anyone to enjoy.  You only have to have the eyes to see them!
Hey! Guess what! We have had computer problems, so for a while, I won't be able to put many photos on here.  Hope to get it sorted it out soon!  I know it is popular to say computer "issues" but it feels more like "problems" to me! 

I am in need of something cheerful, how about Glen Campbell singing (and playing the bagpipes!) to "Mull of Kintyre".  Hope you will like this as much as I do.  Glen Campbell should be honored much more than he has been.  I know he is very ill just now, he is in the last stages of Alzheimer's.  So sad.  All the more reason for more people to know his great talent, I think.
(I loved his show on TV which ran from 1969 until 1972...The Glen Campbell Good Time Hour.)
I have had this video on here before, but it is worth watching again and again!  The song "Mull of Kintyre" was written by Paul McCartney and Denny Laine in 1977.  It was not a hit in the USA but it SHOULD have been!

Take care everyone! Look out for birds...and bagpipes!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

October Days- Special

Oct. 22, 2012. - Sunset At Arabia Mountain
Oct. 22, 2013...Blue Heron at Lake Alexander, Panola Mountain State Park

Cheesy Corn Muffins - Oct. 22, 2014
Eastbourne, England - Oct. 22, 2015
October!  It has always been a special month, the weather here in Georgia starts to cool down and the leaves change into gorgeous yellows, reds and browns. (Last year, we were in England in October...and it was lovely there too!)  I thought it would be fun to show you the photos from the same date in October.  

Sending best wishes to Scriptor Senex (John) who not only had a birthday this weekend, but also celebrated the arrival of TWO grandchildren! Talk about October being a special month!
  You may send your best wishes to Scriptor and you may find his blog just here!  Cheers, John! I am very happy for you and Jo and all your family!

Walking on the Rockdale River Trail...Oct. 22, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Birds And Butterflies

Monarch butterfly! This is the only one we have seen this year and it was in our backyard. (For all we know, there might have been dozens of them, but maybe they came down when we were at work!)
Have you seen any?

We only see the rose breasted grosbeak as it migrates in the Spring and Fall.  Richard was able to get a photo of the female as it was drinking water from our small bird dish on our patio this week. (It has the top of the watering can in front of it.)   I tried very hard to get a photo of this bird myself but when I saw it, it was eating the berries off the beauty berry bush and it just would not hold still long enough for me to photograph it! 

Have you seen any birds that you don't normally see? Chances are that they might be migrating! 

Above is a a photo of the postcard that I mailed to my Dad...I sent him another one that he never received.  It was reported on the news tonight that a postal employee had dumped several batches of mail on the side of the road in Atlanta!  (There was the postcard that my Dad never got, I bet!)  Oh well, good thing I thought to send him two, so at least he got one! 
Have you ever had mail to go astray and you have no idea what happened to it?

My friends, I have been a bit under the weather this week...nothing serious but I hope to be better soon. 
Keep looking for birds and butterflies...and I will ask my Dad to keep looking for that other postcard!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tell America It's Great (Right Back At Ya, Canada)

"All the warm lighted windows below in the town"...

   When we fly to England, we fly from Atlanta and so, the plane goes along the Eastern part of the country. Recently, when we visited, it was clear and I was able to make out the rivers of Pittsburgh, the Capitol in Washington D.C. and in New York City, the tall skyscrapers.  When those giant buildings came into my view, I marveled at the beauty of it all, even from such a distance.

America! You have been through so much lately.  I am thinking that this country could use a little love.  Well, guess what, our neighbors to the north are doing just that.  Have you seen this video that Canadians have made for Americans?  After I watched this, it made me think...when someone does something for you and you say, "That was so NICE", instead we should say, "That was so CANADIAN"!

Oh Canada!  May I say for my country, thank you! We needed that!


Monday, October 17, 2016

At The Beach (In Art and In Person)

The Beach at Eastbourne. September 2016

My in-laws, Joan and Peter admired a painting at a friend's house.  It reminded them very much of myself and Christopher when we took them to Florida when C. was a little boy!  Joan always commented on it when she visited. The kind friend had a copy of it made and Joan and  Peter have it in their lounge! (I would say living room but there you are, they call it a lounge in England!  And it is behind the settee but in America, I would say "sofa" or "couch"!)
Anyway, before I got distracted there by my amusement at the different words we use while we have the same language, I wanted to ask you this question: 

Can you make out the name of the artist on this painting?

The first name is William (I think so anyway) but can you tell the last name? (Sorry, it is so dark, you must know I took the photo and not Richard!) I tried to research it on the internet while we were in England.  We thought it could be William Burns.  What do you think?

View From The Eastbourne Pier

Wish I was on the pier right now, enjoying a nice sea breeze! It is predicted that we will have record breaking heat again this week.
My car said 90 degrees this afternoon! What is it like in your part of the world? Cool and comfortable? Ah, that's sounds more like it!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Peter! (Hearts A Busting!)

Today (Oct. 14th) is the birthday of my father-in-law in England. Happy birthday, Peter! (It is still your birthday here, but you must be fast asleep in England as I type this post!) 
I told you that my stepmom had been in hospital recently. (There, I typed it "in hospital", the English way!) This has made me think...stepmom, father-in-law...there really should be better words to describe these people who are so dear to me.  

Years ago, I had a photo of a native plant here in Georgia and it is sometimes called a strawberry bush but for me,this name is even is the "hearts a busting with love " bush, often shortened to "hearts a bustin'"  This week began with time spent in a hospital with my stepmom and today, I spoke with my father-in-law on the phone during my lunch hour.  
My heart is busting with love!

Hearts A Bustin' (With Love) from Panola Mountain State Park, Georgia

Unfortunately, some overzealous person at the park cut back most of the plants on the side of the trail and cut down this beautiful bush! I saw Elaine Nash recently (I have written of her before, if I can find it, I will add a link here!)  Anyway, when I told her this, she said, "Don't worry, it is a perennial, it'll be back".  That made me smile..."Hearts A Busting with love"...yes, that is a perennial!   
Fuchsia  (In England)
When we were in England, I asked Richard to take a photo of this lovely fuchsia.  The colors remind me of the berry of the "hearts a bustin" bush.  You know I had to find an English connection, didn't you?  Oh and by the way, you can see rain dripping off this flower but this was the only day we had any rain in England and we were there for two weeks!  

Take care everyone, hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Been Busy- I Am Not LION! (Lion Movie)

Hello! Once again, I have not been able to write a post for a while! My Dad called me at work on Monday and said he was taking my step mom to the doctor...and then, he called back and said she was being admitted to the hospital, and surgery was possible!  (Note, in England, they would say...admitted to hospital, we say admitted to THE hospital, why is that, can anyone tell me?)
Anyway, she is much better now and was sent home today, thank goodness! (No surgery!) Here's the thing, my Dad is a diabetic and requires insulin shots and my stepmom is the one who always gave them, and also made sure he took the proper medication.  So... I went to my Dad's and my stepmom gave me the instructions of how to do everything over the phone.  Beside giving shots, I can also help with feeding a calf, feeding chickens, and basically trying to keep up with my Dad who wants to do lots of things even though he is now 89 years of age!  Whew!  So you see, I have not had time to even look at a computer! It was back to work today though and thankfully, one of my co-workers had done a lot of my paperwork, for which I am very thankful! (So much to be thankful for!)

Okay my friends, I just have time to tell you something that I saw on the is a movie called "Lion".  I have the trailer for you...and I have no idea why it is called "Lion" but I have a photo of a lion from the British Museum.  The film says it is based on a true story and if you have read my blog before, you know that is the best kind of story for me.  (Besides, I really like the young actor in this film, Dev Patel. He somehow reminds me of my son, not sure why, they just look handsome but also kind and gentle.)

Here's the video...tell me, don't you think it looks good? It should come out in the USA at Thanksgiving.