Thursday, March 5, 2015

George Ezra/Pileated Woodpecker/40 Degree Drop

We were at Stone Mountain at the end of February last year and Richard was able to get a quick photo of the pileated woodpecker.  The bird was high in the tree but you can still see how big it is! Let's see a weasel try to piggyback on this bird!

We watched the Brit Awards on TV recently and I heard a singer that I have never heard before. I hope that no one will be offended if I tell you that this young man from England reminds me of Slim know, the singer who had his songs on the movie,"Mars Attacks"...the songs that made the aliens' heads explode.   I hope that George Ezra doesn't read my blog and be terribly hurt by this.  It's just that I am REMINDED of this. I find his songs quite catchy myself.  Poor guy,  I am so hopelessly out of it these days, I hope that I don't jinx him.
(Be funny if George Ezra's next song is 40 Degree Drop or Pileated Woodpecker, wouldn't it?)

Hey! You will never believe this but yesterday when I came home from work, the gauge in my car said that the outside temperature was 83 degrees.  Today, when I came home at the same time of day, the gauge was at 42 degrees. It was correct too. This has been one crazy winter!
Oh! And I am so tired that I just had to ask Richard to find the apostrophe for me on the keyboard. I think I need a break!
I just sent my son a one word text...COLD.  I am a woman of few words.  SOMETIMES! HA!
image from Wikipedia of the pileated woodpecker.
 We also have a red headed woodpecker and a red bellied woodpecker. I know them all!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Get Off My Back- I Want To Fly!

Don't you wish you could fly away from whatever is on your back?  Okay, you might have to work at it a bit and really shake it off, but let this woodpecker be a lesson for us all.  Never give up, never surrender!  (This is a photo from a man who was on a walk in England, in is a green woodpecker with a weasel on its back...some say it is a baby weasel but it looks pretty darn big to me!)
It has not been easy for me to spend as much time on my blog as I would like...I have had to do some overtime at work and it has been a bit stressful.  One bright spot this of my co workers came to me and said, "Hey, Kay, look at this"...and then turned his phone to me and showed me the SWEETEST photos of his new granddaughter, wearing the baby cap I had crocheted for her! (And the next photo had her wearing the flower headband that I had made!) The baby's name is Scarlet and of course, you must know that I love that name!  Not only does it remind me of Scarlet O'Hara (very Southern) but also of the actress who played her, Vivian Leigh- very English!  See, I always have that Southern/English thing going on, don't you know.
I didn't take a photo of the baby cap or headband but they looked absolutely precious on the newborn, really they did! Here is a photo of a baby boy wearing one of my caps from a few years ago.  This is just a simple thing but what wonderful joy to have a baby wear this!  I can't tell you how pleasing this is to me!  I want to tell the world- get off my back I just want to create my works of art! (Well, that may be stretching it...but you understand, dear reader!)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Singing Frogs In January- Spring Peepers!

When you are at Arabia Mountain, you need to keep your eyes AND ears open!  Look and listen!

My husband and I were at Arabia Mountain on the first weekend of January.  It was just after a heavy rain and water was cascading down the rock as we began to climb. The sun was shining on the water that collected in the rock pools and the sun was so bright upon them that it looked as if there were silvery white cloths strewn over the mountain.

To our amazement, we heard frogs as we were walking (remember, this was on January 4th!) and they were so loud, that Richard tried to record them.  Funny, as soon as he began recording, their sound became muted, still making the same noise but very much at a lower level.  I still found a clip on YouTube though!   If you read about them, it states that their chorus is similar to sleigh bells, a very beautiful sound!  They were Spring peepers. (Pseudacris crucifer).  Interesting to me, the "crucifer" part of the name comes from the large x shape on their backs, like a cross..."crucifer" means "cross bearing".

No matter where you are in the world, I say look for nature and listen for it as well! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

That ONE Sister

'#BossLady Leanne here... Apparently it's "Cat Week" for me ;o)

Do you have "that" sister?......Is it 'you'? ;)  LOL!

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I am one of three sisters.  That's me on the left!  How do you fit in your family?  The studious one, the pretty one, or the goofy one?  (Oh, let's not call it "goofy", let's say "funny",  yes, let's do!)

Dreaming of fresh air by the Eastbourne, in England Sept. 2014...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Music And Beer-MmmHops!

Music and never occurred to me how many musicians might have something to do with the craft beer industry.  My son has written a great article on the subject in the Beer Connoisseur Magazine, "Best Beer and Music Collaborations".  You may read it here!  (If there is one thing I know, I simply cannot spell "connoisseur". I have to look it up every time!)

  Well done, Christopher, keep up the good work!

Remember the Hanson Brothers?  Eventually, they just called themselves "Hanson".  They were a boy band from the late 90's from Tulsa,  Oklahoma and their big hit was "MmmBop".   In 2013, not only did they release a new album, but they also launched their IPA beer, "MmmHops".  (IPA means India Pale Ale...I didn't know what it meant either, I had to look it up!)   10 percent of the sales from their beer goes towards building water wells in Africa. I don't know about you, but I really like that a lot. 

And I see that one of the brothers, Taylor, married Natalie Bryant from Georgia in 2002. They were married at one of my favorite spots in Georgia- Callaway Gardens in the Ida Cason Chapel. You know me, I will find either a Georgia connection or an English one!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Sound of Music-Music by Richard Rodgers/Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein

There were some real low moments in the Oscars but there were some magical moments as well.
There was a stunning performance by Lady Gaga in tribute to the 50th anniversary of the movie, "The Sound of Music".  And best of all, at the end of it, Julie Andrews herself came to the stage! My goodness, I love Julie Andrews.  No one can sing those songs like Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga must know that too, as I felt that her style of singing was almost a direct imitation of Julie Andrews. And I find nothing wrong with that whatsoever!  Thank you, Lady Gaga! Wonderful to have someone to sing these songs that I adore with such an obvious respect. 
One thing though, and maybe I missed it...but was there any mention of the songwriters?   It seems strange to me that Julie Andrews was there to present an award for songwriting, and there was the beautiful tribute from Lady Gaga and not one word about the songwriting duo of Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein!   Is there some legal reason for this?  I am only asking since I have such great respect for songwriters. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It Happened One Night/Oscar Night

The Oscars will be on TV tonight. There have only been three films that have won in what is called the Big Five Academy Award categories.  The Big Five are: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay.  The three films are: "It Happened One Night" (1934), "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and The Silence of the Lambs (1991).  (I know people like that last one but it gave me the creeps, but hey, that's just me!)  I love you Anthony Hopkins, please don't be mad with me!
Recently, the movie, "It Happened One Night" was shown on one of our PBS channels.  Richard had never seen it, so we watched it together.  Clark Gable was really good in that movie, and I think he  deserved his Oscar.  Funny thing, in one of the scenes, he is munching on a carrot and is such a wisecracking kind of a fellow that it really put me in mind of Bugs Bunny.  I looked it up and was surprised to see that Tex Avery, who created the great cartoon character WAS influenced by Clark Gable in "It Happened One Night"!  Now, this might not be earth shaking news to anyone, but it tickled me that it made me think of Bugs...and I was right!( Click here  and scroll down to the catchphrases.)  Hey, other people can make great intellectual connections, but me, I can recognize Bugs Bunny when I see him!

  What's up, Doc?!

I have the hitchhiking scene in the YouTube clip above and the actress, Claudette Colbert, did not want to do this scene showing so much leg but when she saw the actress who was going to stand in for her, she decided to do the scene herself!  "That's not my leg!" is what she was reported to have said.

For the Oscars tonight, I really like Eddie Redmayne.  I have not seen him in the movie, "The Theory of Everything" but just from the trailers, you can see that it is an extraordinary portrayal.  I really liked him in a mini series on TV called "Pillars of the Earth".  I thought he was very good too in the movie, "My Week With Marilyn".  Richard just reminded me that we also saw him in "Birdsong", a World War I drama.  He puts me in mind of another British actor that I have written about before....David Niven.  Charming and talented, and they both seem to be cut from the same cloth...witty and appreciative of all that comes their way.

David Niven won an Oscar for the movie, "Separate Tables" in 1959.  On his way to the podium, he tripped and fell on the steps.  When he accepted his award, he said the only reason that he had fallen was because he was loaded...and then, he paused and the audience roared with laughter, thinking he was drunk! He later said that he was going to say that he was loaded down with good luck charms but when he got such a laugh, he decided to leave it at that,
But hey, this is America and there is no time for the Brits to have their little pauses.   (David Niven always did tell the funniest stories and he was very quick witted...some of his stories were true but I am sure that he embellished a great many of them to get the most laughs!)  How do I know so much about David Niven?  I have read his books!  "The Moon Is A Balloon" and "Bring On The Empty Horses", are really funny books.  I wish that someone would make a movie about David Niven.  When this happens, and I can just see it can say you read it here first!

   I found a clip on YouTube for you. One year, David Niven was presenting at the Oscars and a streaker went passed him while he was on stage.  So quick and funny, not too many could think of such a perfect response. 
Some British humour for you and no, spell check. I meant to spell it that way for the Brits, if you don't mind!  This was in front of one of the hotels along the seafront in looks like it says FREE BEER!  But it doesn't, it says Free Wi-Fi and Great beer!  So Funny. Well, I thought so anyway, but then, I don't get out much.