Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Welcoming Friends

Cox's Orange Pippin- Never mind the name, it is an APPLE! Don't you want to eat it?

Richard with his friend Henry in Henry's Garden-September 2014

Here we are posing with Henry's parents, Joy & Henry. Don't we look happy?
Everything in Henry & Sarah's garden was lovely.
The fruit was perfectly ripe.  This was a pear tree in Henry's garden.

It might seem that I am going back in time...I wrote about November in my last post and now, I am showing you photos of our trip to England from September!  There are still lots of photos that I can show you and even more that I want to tell you about.  One of the main things though is to say that we don't just visit England, we visit with family and friends and we are made to feel welcome, very welcome indeed. 

School friends since John Ruskin Grammar School!

Lovely meal!

Henry, Richard and Dave...can't you still see them as naughty boys?  :-) Better be good, guys, Santa's watching!
Our visit to Dave in Burwash was a very nice visit too and we took some great photos but that will have to wait for another post!

The Joy of Friends!  That was the name of the post that I wrote two years ago when we last visited England and you may read it just here.  If you don't have time to look at it, I have some photos of Joy & Henry from that post.   Here's to all friends, near and far.  Please, leave best wishes here for our friends in England.  Happy Christmas to you all!  xx
Gorgeous, even the Queen thinks so!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

November Colors With Kisses

Well!  How have you all been?  I have been a bit of a nutcase doing one thing or another.  You would never believe it, but I spent one whole hour today just working on the GIFT bags that I have for presents for the gals at work...yes that is just the art work that I put on the gift bags...that does not take into account the time to buy presents to put into them! What do I think I am, an artist or something? Gee, they probably won't even NOTICE it!  Oh well!
I know everyone is saying "Merry Christmas" already but I want to's not Christmas yet...we need to be preparing for it! And by doing that I will remember the bright colors of Autumn in Georgia! All of these photos were taken in November.
Tree at Arabia Mountain Trail...not sure what it is!
I took this photo! Mums in my backyard.

Sunrise in front of my house!

Walking at Stone Mountain!
This photo was taken Nov. 29th.  I was raking leaves and looked up and loved the red leaves against my house.

This is my pretty sister, Pam, modeling the hat and cowl that I crocheted for her! She is and always has been a beauty! This was on Thanksgiving day and even though it was one of the coldest Thanksgivings I can remember, you can see how bright and sunny it was!
Hope everyone is staying well.  I saw a thing on the news that said it might be a good idea to not shake hands so as to not spread germs...they suggested bumping ELBOWS! They showed it being done and it looked hilarious! Maybe we could just blow kisses like they tell little children to do.
  Blowing kisses to you all!  xx

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UNBROKEN Movie- Louis Zamperini

I felt like I had lost a friend when  Louie Zamperini died, although we had never met.  We exchanged a few notes and letters over the years, beginning in 2004, when I wrote a letter to the publisher after I had read the book, "Devil At My Heels" which was forwarded to Louie.  (Any of my regular followers will know this, but I state this for those who do not know my great admiration for Louis Zamperini!)     I wish I could have met him in person.  However, I do know the sound of his voice, from videos that I have watched on YouTube.

Before the movie, "Unbroken" comes out on Christmas day, I urge you to watch this video.  I predict that the "Unbroken" movie will be very popular.  Angelina Jolie is giving interviews promoting the film just now and it seems to me that she has given his story the proper respect that it deserves. 

If you don't have time to watch this video now, then just remember to come back to it when you get the chance.   Okay?  And if you are going through any tough times just now, remember the advice that Louis Zamperini wrote to me... "Be hardy"!   

hardy -   robust, capable of enduring difficult circumstances.

Thank you, Louis Zamperini!  I can't wait until the whole world knows about you and your remarkable life through the new film! 

And I have a link to an interview from the daughter of Louis Zamperini, you may read it just here.
I was pleased to see this since I had never seen or heard anything from her before. 

Cover of Unbroken in England...I had to buy this in England, you know I did!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Libera - Boy's Choir From South London

As I crochet, I like to watch TV.  However, it is much better for me to listen to the TV rather than watch it, otherwise, I make mistakes on my crochet work!  Tonight, I watched the local PBS station and really enjoyed a boy's choir from South London.  They are called Libera  and their voices are perfectly wonderful, they sound like angels.  I had never heard of this choir until tonight. Thank you, PBS! What would I do without you?
Still, still, still,
Let all the earth be still.
For Mary in her arms enfolding
Hope of all the world is holding.
Still, still, still,
Let all the earth be still.
Sing, sing,
Sweet angel voices sing.
While Jesus lies in manger dreaming
Seraph choirs from heaven are streaming.
Sing, sing, sing,
Sweet angel voices sing.
Light, light, light
Let all the earth be light.
The holy star its news ablazing
Sign of hope for nations raising.
Light, light, light,
Let all the earth be light.
Sleep, holy Jesus, sleep.

Here is someone modeling my work!  I had made this cap for my Dad last year but it was just a bit too small.  No worries, I told him, I could just add a bit to it! I took it home with me and crocheted a few more rows.  You can see he was pleased with it! Now, I am thinking that his dog, Bandy, is wondering what have I made for him?  Hmm...could there be a dog sweater in the works?  Why not, give me enough time and I will cover the WORLD with my crochet, imperfect as it is, I still love it.
(Reading this again...I meant that my crocheting is imperfect but you might take that to mean that the world is imperfect...never mind, I love the world too!)
Let me know if you know of the choir, Libera, and if not, what you think of them! I was very happy to hear them and happy to share this with all of you.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Silent Night" Movie Made by byutv

There have been some dreadful shows on TV lately...the new Toy Story Christmas (that blue girly dinosaur, what were they thinking?), the CMA Christmas one and last night, reaching a depth of badness that is surprising even for TV, the Rockefeller Lighting of the Christmas Tree! (Darius Rucker and Trisha Yearwood were both good, but other than that...terrible!)

But wait, it really is my intention to write about things that are GOOD rather than bad! I must tell you to watch a movie that was first shown in 2012 but I only just saw it on TV this past weekend and it is one that you MUST watch!  It is...."Silent Night".  (Now, there is a horror movie with that same name made that same is NOT that one!!)
And I have read that in 2013, the Catholic Church bestowed a Gabriel Award upon this film.  
"It's our intent to shine a light on media that is positive, that uplifts the human spirit," said John Kearns, a chairman for the Gabriel Awards committee.

"Silent Night" is about the true story of Joseph Mohr, the assistant priest in Austria who wrote the words to "Stille Nacht", which is Silent Night in German. (The words that we know in English were translated by John Freeman Young...and he deserves his own post!) The beautiful melody is by Franz Gruber and I think that he also deserves a post of his own!   The song was first sung at a mass on Christmas Eve in the small village of Oberndorf, Austria (not far from Salzburg) in 1818.

The song "Silent Night" is a very beloved song and I am surprised that a movie has not been made about the origin of the song before now. This movie was written, produced and directed by Christian Vuissa, an Austrian who filmed this movie in Austria!  (The scenery is beautiful.) This movie was a production of the TV station, BYUtv, which is part of the Brigham Young University from Utah.  I have a trailer of the film for you here...


It has always been told that the organ broke down in the church in Oberndorf and that is why the song was first played on the guitar and that is how it was portrayed in the movie.  I do wonder though after watching this, if the young priest might have simply just wanted to hear this beautiful melody on the guitar rather than the organ and could it be that is how it happened? His earnestness might also be matched by his love for music. (Which might have a touch of irony since he wrote the words to this, but not the music!) This is just wondering on my part, but it seems to me that he could possibly have convinced Franz Gruber that the guitar suited the song better.  I suppose we will never know for sure, but the details of that do not matter much to me. What does matter is that we are left with this most beautiful hymn.  It is simple but truly lovely, "warm and tender, like the warmth you feel around a fire".   Make sure you watch this movie! You may see it here!  (That link will take you to the byutv website and you should just click on and watch the movie.)

A song about the night of the birth of Jesus- worth watching, I should think.
 And in the famous words of Linus, "THAT's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown!"

Saturday, November 29, 2014

P. D. James and Agatha Christie

P. D. James, a very popular British novelist, just died a few days ago.  Since I did a post stating that I prefer non-fiction books, I now must tell you that there are many writers of fiction that I admire and this is one of them! 

image from Wikipedia ...first UK edition.

This was her last novel and you might recognize the title. It was filmed as a TV movie and shown on Masterpiece Theatre just recently.  The story is a continuation of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" and you might guess that it involves a murder mystery! 

"Cover Her Face" was the first novel published by P.D. James in 1962.  (It was her first "Adam Dalgliesh novel...another TV series you should remember from Masterpiece Theatre!)  When I read that title, I found that interesting since I knew that phrase from Agatha Christie's excellent story, "Sleeping Murder: Miss Marple's Last Case".   The line is this:

 "Cover her face, mine eyes dazzle. She died young.". seems that Agatha Christie wrote her story first, in the 1940's but did not want it published until after her death.  You may read more details about it just here.

Agatha Christie is also another one of the best fiction writers!  I love her books and stories.  Yes, I know I told you to read non-fiction books, and I still want you to...but you have my permission to read works of fiction, as long as you check with me to make sure that they are the crème de la crème of books, okay?  (And I love it...the computer put that little accent over crème for me...ha! did it again!)   And please, I HOPE you know I am teasing you about getting my permission to read any book, I am JUST KIDDING, I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I eyes won't allow me to read as much as I would like!

"The Mystery of Agatha Christie" by Gwen Robyns is a biography of Agatha Christie that I read once and really enjoyed.  I see that P. D. James has her autobiography under the title "Time To Be In Earnest".  Both of these books are ones that I would like to read.  Agatha Christie and P. D. James were both excellent writers and I highly recommend their books!  And you can find them in the FICTION category!
Although, you might notice I still managed in get in a few plugs for a biography and an autobiography.

Thanks to all who left such sweet comments on my last post about Christopher's birthday!  He was very pleased to read them and asked me to pass along his appreciation.  Thank you all very much.

One of the novels by P. D. James is "The Lighthouse" and that is why I have chosen the photo above for you.  It is the lighthouse at Beachy Head in Eastbourne, England.  It is another Adam Dalgliesh mystery, and I want to read that one too!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Birthday to Christopher!

Some people have a birthday very close to Thanksgiving...and our son is one of them! (Sometimes, it is on Thanksgiving day itself!)
Wishing our son a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead! 
Christopher with his Nana and Granddad!
Christopher with his Papa!
Framed Photo at C's Grandparents' house in England!
That smile! Christopher was a photographer's dream subject as a child, he was always smiling. 
Christopher, you are the BABE!  And don't you ever forget it!

Christopher with his girlfriend, Shoghik.

This was Richard's birthday cake & ice cream when we were in England but it was good, so C. can share it!
"Cotton Fields" by Creedence Clearwater Revival...that sounds like a good choice as a musical selection for this post!  Enjoy!